Business Notice: We will reopen from March 16,2024.As a result,meal provision has ended.


We are committed to providing our customers with high quality ingredients from Kyoto.

Our ingredients are sourced only from local manufacturers in Kyoto.
●Our signature offerings are the Uji Matcha Beer and the Matcha Rolled Cake, made using premium Uji Matcha.
●Our local beer, sake and wine are brewed by Kyoto’s renowned brewery maker KinshiMasamune
●Our pasta, pizza and herbal tea are freshly prepared with homemade herbs from the only Tambawinery in Kyoto.

About Omurocafé

OmuroCafé was created after the renovation of its flower shop Kyoto Omuro. Kyoto Omurohas over 60 years of history. Our aim is to provide a café on the fringe of Kyoto where you can relax and enjoy the view of the OmuroNinnatemple station, the most elegant station of Arashiyama. The Ninna-temple is one of the great temples in Kyoto listed as World Heritage Sites. The Ninna-temple is known for many unique attractions such as the Kin-do of national treasure cultural property and OmuroSakura. We cater to tourists and families with children as well. For your convenience, we also provide free Wi-Fi, charging ports, play area for kids and nursing rooms for infants.


6-16 OmuroShibahashicho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto,616-8095, Japan

Opening hour
Mon -Sun 9:30 -17:00 (Normal operating hours)
・Opening hours are subjected to changes.
・Please refer to the website for the latest updates.

Located right in front of OmuroNinna-temple station.
2 minutes’ walk from world heritage Ninna-temple

There is parking for two cars for free.

28 Seats
(Counter Seat : 10 seats,
Table seat : 8 seats, Tatami seat : 6 seat seat : 4 seats)

No smoking in our café
There is a smoking area outside.

FacilityOpen terrace (pet-friendly), Charging ports,
Free Wi-Fi,Wheelchair-accessible, Bed for baby,
Changing station,DVD for kids, Playground for kids